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Alumnae Fees

Alumnae Fees are not currently available but it is possible they will be available in the future.

When a witch completes her HFS education, we understand that a full monthly tuition payment may not be appropriate anymore. We hope to offer alumnae the opportunity to transition from a full tuition payment to a reduced alumni contribution.

Our vision for Alumnae is access to new guest speaker or featured expert classes and lectures, as well as a community specifically for witches that have completed the entire HFS curriculum. This would give a witch continued access to additional HFS education, community discussions with likeminded witches, and a way to contributed to the continued success and expansion of the HFS online education resources. 

Alumnae fees are not currently planned or known, we will reach out to our student community for feedback prior to any changes.

Founding Witches would not be subject to any Alumnae fees pertaining to online resources and participation.

In the event that physical events or items are offered, we will do our best to give our alumnae special considerations and pricing, free when possible, so long as it does not cause an undue financial strain on the event or HFS. In the future, it is possible that special events will have associated fees & costs.