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Getting Alumnae Designation

*We are aware that some witches may be tempted to go through the material without learning it, to get Alumnae designation as fast as possible and is perhaps not as concerned with the actual education or materials as much as perhaps a title or 'clout' which can be a problem in the witching communities.


HFS does not give a certificate or degree or any prizes - the knowledge itself is the prize and accomplishment.

The one thing we do hope to offer is Alumnae designation, which sets the HFS students apart as having finished the material and hopefully they continue to contribute to the community and help new witches learn as well.


Alumnae status does not require memorization, indoctrination, or even agreement over every aspect of the materials in HFS. 

There is also no plans or intentions to have any testing to 'prove' anything and there will be no grading or pass/fails.

But familiarization with the material and a reasonable commitment to the program - and community - is what we would like to see.


Please understand that to keep the integrity of our Alumnae program, all lessons must be completed prior to acceptance in the Alumnae program or community. This includes a minimum reasonable time commitment as well, and is at the discretion of the administrator, HeadWitch.


We will review the overall progress of a student through the school, how much time was spent on each lesson or class, percentage of classes completed, number of days and time spent in the student portal, etc.